Check out all the strength and skill moves for next weeks classes everyone. 

This week we hit some more long aerobic style conditioning pieces as well as get back to the barbell grindstone with some essential front squatting and deadlifting. 

On Friday we get an opportunity to hone our gymnastic pulling technique. Whether you are mastering the strict pull up, kip, chest to bar or bar muscle up, this will be  a great opportunity to make a bit of progress.

Check out the video below to see some great hints and tips to improve your kipping pull ups. 

Time to get after it. Have a great week of exercising. 

Monday- Long partner workout

Tuesday- Front Squat, Classic CF Couplet

Wednesday- Weightlifting Wednesday

Thursday-  Deadlift, Fight Gone Bad Style Workout

Friday- Gymnastic Workshop (Pulling), Long CF workout.