Check out this week’s strength and skill moves everyone. 

With 5 hard CrossFit Open weeks now over for now it’s time to get back to some sensible training to get ourselves both cardio fit and ripped for the upcoming summer season.

This week we try our hand at the always awesome barbell spit squat (for all dem booty gainz), the always mega push jerk and our favorite strict pull ups. 

Conditioning wise we start welcome back out aerobic capacity Mondays as well as some longer more cardio based work outs which will deffo work up a good sweat. 

Check out the video below and find out more about building aerobic fitness. 

Happy exercising everyone. 

Monday-  Aerobic  Endurance Day, 3 Partner based workouts

Tuesday-  Barbell Split Squats (lower body superset)

Wednesday- Weightlifting Session with Manu, specific for you.

Thursday- Push Jerk, Classic CF Triplet

Friday- Pull Up Workshop, Long Partner Workout