Check out this week’s strength and skill movements everyone. This week we tackle some more heavy pulling and squatting as well as hone our power snatching skills. Friday see’s us concentrate on developing that #rumppump with some tough single leg work. 

On Monday we take on the tough but fun hero workout ‘Laken’ which will tax you both mentally and physically.

Check out the awesome video below to get some top tips for your hang power snatch in time for Tuesday’s session. 

Have a great week of exercising everyone. 

Monday-  Front Squat, Hero workout ‘Laken’

Tuesday-  Hang Power Snatch, Classic CF EMOM (featuring the Hang Power Snatch)

Wednesday- Weightlifting Session with Manu, specific for you.

Thursday- Sumo Deadlift, Long Partner Workout

Friday- Rump Pump Friday- Lunges and Heavy KB Swings, Body weight workout