605 KNOWLEDGE SERIES- Nutrition: Where to Start??

In this week’s knowledge series article, 605’s nutrition coach Milo Kirkpatrick discusses a few simple strategies you can implement today to change your nutritional habits for the long term 

Nutrition put simply is the intake of food. Nutrition is important as it provides our bodies with the energy, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals to live, grow and function properly.

There are so many diets to follow, it hard to know which to choose and where to start?

Atkins? Zone? Keto? Vegetarian? Paleo? Low-carb? High-Protein? The list goes on…

What if there was a way that you don’t have to follow any diet that restricts your choice and saps time out of your day. Let’s face it you are already busy enough without having to think of how you can change everything you eat.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to improve your nutrition whether its for health reason, wanting to lose some weight, or to look a bit better in the mirror

There is a simpler option…

Think of one small thing, a habit that you could do today that would make what you eat a tiny bit better?

Stuck for idea then think what could you do to make your breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack a little bit healthier?

  • Add an extra bit of veg to a meal each day this week
  • Replace white bread with wholemeal bread or pasta with wholemeal pasta
  • At lunch when you fancy a pastry, have a piece of fruit to hand
  • Replace your fizzy drinks and beverages choices with calorie free versions
  • Take 5 minutes today to plan what you are going to eat over the next few days

Ask yourself the question what can I do today that will make it more likely for you to achieve your habit?

If you need to go to the shops to buy some nuts or fruit to replace your pastry at lunch, plan to go to the shop and stick to it.

If you want to add some protein to your morning ritual of processed sugary cereal, grab yourself some Greek yoghurt or plain yoghurt to put a spoon on top.

Give it a go; give yourself a small habit to do this week that will make the food you eat a little bit better. Then build on this; remember lots of small steps over time make a big difference.

Don’t go bonkers and change your whole life, take it very slow and make one small change at a time.

Slow is good.

Imagine trying to move house, join a gym, change jobs, have a baby, get married, go on holiday and prepare dinner for a dinner party all in few days, stressful!

But if you do one of those things at time, its far more manageable, which is why we think slow is good and far more manageable and simple.

What’s your habit going to be?

If you would like to find out more about how Milo can help you make the nutritional and lifestyle changes you need, why not CONTACT US to book yourself a 1-2-1 session with Milo.