605 NEWS- New Weightlifting Class format coming soon.

Would you like to improve your weightlifting skills??Are you new to weightlifting and don’t really know where to start?Are you experienced but not seeing the progress you’d like?

Well we are here to help you.

As of this week, our weightlifting Wednesday classes will be taking on a slightly different structure designed to help you individually.

Each session will follow a simple programming pattern but each element will allow you to be coached at your current experience level.

So, if you struggle with shoulder mobility in the snatch or hip flexibility in the squat, we will design the session to meet your needs allowing you to see progress over the next 12 weeks.

The program cycle will start with a few baseline tests to see where you are and move forward based on these results.
Think you might miss the odd Wednesday session?? No problem. Manu has designed the cycle so you can drop back in to the program where you left off so you never move forward to fast.

As we said before, these classes will be based around you, with the intention of seeing consistent progression over the block of training.

If you want to be involved in these classes simply sign up for your Wednesday classes as usual.

To find out more about the class structure and how it can help you, click on the video below from Manu.

We are looking forward to seeing your progress.