Check out the strength and skill moves for next week’s classes  everyone. This week we work on all of the essentials, squatting, deadlifting and pressing as well as a whole host of ‘sucessory’ movements. We also add a newish movement to our tool bag, the Sumo Deadlift. Click here to watch a great technique video. 

Conditioning wise we start to add in some more classic CF movements in to the mix to stimulate your functional fitness taste buds. 

Have a great week of exercising everyone. 

Monday-  Front Squat, 18 Min EMOM

Tuesday-  Toes to Bar, 2x 6 min AMRAP’s

Wednesday- Weightlifting Session with Manu, Snatch focus

Thursday- Upper Body Push/Pull superset

Friday- Sumo Deadlift, 10 Min AMRAP

Saturday- Snatch focus day