605 TOP TIPS- Managing the Damage- Part 4

With only a few days to go until all the Christmas festivities kick off we have put together a few more top tips to help you enjoy the festive period and hit the ground running in to the new year. 

Relax and have fun

The holiday period is all about having fun, relaxng, enjoying good company and taking time to reflect on the past year.

Unfortunately it can also be a stressful time. Lots to organise, people to see, present to buy, family to visit. Emotions tend to run a bit high.

When our emotions run high our stress levels rise it causes an increased level of the hormone cortisol which is shown to increased appetite levels. It causes cravings of junk food and,with it being Christmas, there is an abundance of it. Chocolates, biscuits, cheese, nuts, crisps, alcohol and all that stuffing.

As a tip, when you feel those stress levels rising, take 5-10 minutes to yourself, grab a glass of water and some fruit and think about all the good things that are happening this Christmas.


One important thing to remember over the next week or so is that you are only one workout away from getting yourself back on the fitness train. Once you have had a couple of days to indulge yourself a bit don’t wait too long to get moving, whether that’s getting out side for some fresh air or getting yourself back in the gym for a light workout. Once you restart the training habit you’ll feel refreshed and ready to hit 2019 with a bang.


Very much like the previous tip, you are also only one meal away from getting back to eating well. Deviating from your regular nutritional habits can be a great way to relax and unwind. However making poor food choices for longer than a couple of days can make it very hard to get out of the nutritional abyss. Why not pick a day to start eating well and getting back to exercise and stick to it. Remember, the gym is open after boxing day, so why not get yourself booked in to a class now and we’ll do the rest.

These a few really easy tips to focus on over the Christmas period to keep on top of things. Remember, stay consistent, stick to these principles and you’ll hit the ground running in 2018.

If you need any further nutrition or fitness advice going in to the New Year why not grab one of our top coaches or drop us an CLICK HERE to arrange a one to one consultation with us. This could be a sure fire way of dominating 2019 from the get go.

Notes on the author:

Paul is co-owner of CrossFit 605 and lover of all thing Christmas.

Paul is very much looking forward to using the holiday season to sit down next to his (inevitable) poorly fitted log burner to map out all his #goals for 2019- and post it all on Instagram.

Remembering way too late that nobody actually cares about what his 2019 goals are, Paul will eventually sit back, relax with some egg nog and eat his body weight in Toblerone safe in the knowledge that he’ll definitely make it to regionals this year.