605 Top Tips: ‘Manage the Damage’ this Christmas

In this weeks article we look at some more top tips to help you ‘manage the damage’ over the festive period.

Food Quality:

You may have heard the analogy about your body being an engine and the food you put in being the fuel, well it’s pretty accurate.

The quality of the food that you eat has huge impact on the way your body performs on a daily basis. It helps, function, energy levels, recovery and even sleep. Aiming to keep processed foods, sweet treats and alcohol intake to a manageable level will really encourage good health over the festive period.

Making sure that the majority of your food over the Christmas period is of a good quality will minimise any additional weight gain. Making sure most meals are made up of vegetables, high quality meat or fish and healthy fats will help you eliminate the bad stuff almost instantly.

Food Quantity

I’m sure we all feel like we are surrounded by all sorts of festive food and treats during December. It’s almost impossible to escape the boxes of chocolates, cakes and savoury snacks in and around the workplace or at home.

It can prove extremely difficult to resist temptation every time we walk past the chocolate log but if you can make a conscious effort to PUT DOWN THE CAKE (or not even pick it up) we will all feel a lot better for it.

We aren’t suggesting you don’t indulge at all over the festive period, but being sensible and not over doing it every day would be a great start.

If you can actively make sure you eat as close to your usual meal choices as often as possible, making sure your protein intake and hydration levels are good, you’ll be on to a winner.

Granted, Christmas Day and Boxing Day can be a bit of a write off food wise, but making sure your food intake is as sensible as possible during the rest of your time off will really help to keep you out of the pain cave heading in to 2019.

Happy eating everyone.

Notes on the author:

Paul Smith is co-owner of CrossFit 605, fitness influencer and a huge fan of all things festive.

This year, Paul is very much looking forward to documenting his whole Christmas experience via the much maligned and misused medium of Insta Stories. His stories will include him going for his inevitable ‘long Christmas family walk’ (which no family member actually want to go on, but will begrudgingly do it for the gram) and a whole episode of Only Fools and Horses in 15 second clips.

Paul is also excited for Christmas telly, including the inevitable Michael McIntyre festive comedy snorefest and the Mrs Browns Boys Christmas disappointment.

The highlight of his Christmas festivities will be a trip to the inevitable German Xmas market where he is aiming to indulge himself by gobbling literally yards of bratwurst sausage, downing gallons of Fosters (masquerading as German beer) and spending way too much cash on wooden wind chimes.

Paul still cannot admit that his beloved Royal Family are actually German.