Check out the Strength and Skills for next weeks classes everyone. Monday starts off the week with a decent cardio blast via two long partner workouts, Tuesday and Friday see us build on all the great Front Squat and Push Press work we have done recently. Tuesday and Friday also see us hit some tough classic CrossFit style workouts too. 

Good luck to the 605 squad who are hitting up the Battle of the Bristol Boxes today at CrossFit Chew Valley, so if you are at a loose end and fancy popping up to support, that would be great. 

Have a great week everyone. 

Monday-  Hang Power Snatch Skill Based Warm Up, 2x 18 Minute Partner AMRAPS

Tuesday- Front Squat, Classic CF Triplet

Wednesday- Power Clean Complex, 12 Min EMOM

Thursday- UB/LB/Core Superset, 2×10 Min EMOM

Friday- Push Press, TTB, 11 Min AMRAP

Saturday- Overhead Squat, Hang Snatch, Behind the Neck Split Jerk