605 Top Tips- How to ‘Manage the Damage’ this Christmas

Over the next few weeks we will be dropping a few articles and videos to help you #managethedamage this Christmas and New Year and help you jump in to 2019 in great shape. 

For most of us the festive period is the one time of the year when we let our hair down. Drinking and eating slightly excessively allows us to blow off a bit of steam after a year of being as healthy as possible. Spending quality time with friends and family and indulging in all that fantastic festive food and drink can be a great way to relax, reset and get ready for smashing your (inevitable Instagram) goals in 2019.

What we do need to be mindful of is to make sure we don’t undo all the great progress we have made with our fitness and health over the past 12 months. Taking two steps back by over indulging can really hamper our health and mental state heading in to the New Year. Simply put, putting on a stone of body weight over Christmas really isn’t necessary.

A great way to help you survive all of the social events, meals out, Christmas parties and family feasts is to make sure you keep moving regularly over the next 4 weeks.

605 Top Tip: Keep Training

A great way to stave off the inevitable slide towards fitness oblivion is to set yourself a manageable training goal. It’s understandable that your time is very precious during this period but making sure you come to the gym a minimum twice a week will really help keep you in the fitness game.

The gym is open so take advantage of it. Staying as consistent with your activity and exercise level over the Christmas period is a great way to combat any additional pounds that might get added to the scale.

605 Top Tip: Stay active

Another great way of limiting the effects of excess food and drink is to take part in less formal exercise such as walking the dog, getting outside with the kids or maybe going on regular long walks with the family.

Sitting down for lengthy periods can really be detrimental to your mood and mobility, so if you can, just MOVE.

We hope these simple tips help you maintain your health and fitness over this Christmas. Keep your eyes peeled for more hot tips over the next few weeks.  If you would like to learn more about training and nutrition why not CLICK HERE to read more of our great fitness related content. 

Notes on the author:

Paul is co-owner of CrossFit 605 and is a huge Christmas fan. Most years he has erected his Christmas tree on August 1st (unless on holiday) and plays the John Lewis Christmas advert on a loop for the whole of advent. 

Paul’s favorite things to do over the festive period is watching both the UK’s and World’s Strongest Man (which, to his surprise, has never been held in Weston- Super- Mare) gorging himself on Toffifee and relentlessly Instagramming his overly long festive family walks as if he actually invented the outside and/or the pastime of walking in a beanie.