Check out the strength and skill moves for next week’s classes everyone.

This week we hit some more of the basics in the form of the deadlift and strict press. These are two fundamental movements we should be touching on as regularly as possible. Once we nail these we can then graduate to the sexy stuff.

Workout wise there are some more fun partner sweat sessions as well as some longer aerobic sessions to get you moving.

Remember, next Sunday (9th) four of our intrepid 605ers are heading up to CF Chew Valley to take on the always awesome ‘Battle of the Bristol Boxes’. If you fancy popping up to support the team why not head over to Chew Valley whenever you can.

Monday-  Deadlift, Long Partner AMRAP

Tuesday- Strict Press, 5×4 minute  mixed modal intervals

Wednesday- Power Snatch, Snatch Pull from Hang, 8 Min EMOM

Thursday- Upper Body Pull, Single Leg Superset, 20 Min AMRAP

Friday- Bench Press, Bent Over Row, Aerobic/Gymnastic Workout

Saturday- Snatch Balance, Snatch, Snatch Pull