Check out all the Strength and Skill moves for next week everyone.

Today week take on a special Remembrance Day workout in honour of those people who have lost their lives fighting wars across the globe. The workout starts at 10am and we’ll be having 2 minutes silence at 11.11…we’d love to see you there.

On Thursday we will be looking at the awesome Barbell Step up. Why not check out the video below from Power Athlete and pick up some excellent hints and tips on how to execute this much neglected primal movement.  

Enjoy this week’s training everyone. 

Monday- Back Squat, 16 Min AMRAP

Tuesday- Push Jerk, 2 8 minute AMRAP’s

Wednesday- Power Clean, Hang Clean, 8 Minute EMOM

Thursday- Barbell Step Ups, Wall Ball based workout

Friday- RDL, Z Press, 20 Minute EMOM

Saturday- Hang Clean+Push Press, Power Clean and Split Jerk