Check out the strength and skill moves for next week’s classes everyone. 

This week we continue to push the Front Squat and add some hinging variation with the Romanian Deadlift. Conditioning wise we utilise some classic CrossFit movements in the form of potent couplets and triplets. 

Check out the video below by CrossFit OG Jason Khalipa on how to improve your Thruster efficiency. You never know, this might help you one day next week.

Enjoy this week’s training everyone. 

Monday- Front Squat, 12 Minute AMRAP

Tuesday- Romanian Deadlifts

Wednesday- OHS, Snatch Pull8 Minute EMOM

Thursday- Bench Press, 8 Minute EMOM, 10 Minute AMRAP

Friday- Push/Pull Upper body Superset, 10 Min AMRAP

Saturday- Snatch Balance, Snatch, Snatch Grip Push Press