Check out the strength and skill moves for next week. We begin a new cycle this week which will focus on developing some new movements and skills as well as build on the great progress made during the last cycle. 

Next Saturday is Gerald’s 24 hour Rowing Challenge. There will be a 9am CrossFit class as usual, plus the Team 605 class on Sunday morning (which will probably involve a bit of rowing). 

If you haven’t had a chance to donate to Parkinson’s UK CLICK HERE to go to Gerald’s Just Giving page. Let’s raise as much money as we can for a great cause. 

Monday- Barbell Walking Lunge,2o Minute Max Rep EMOM

Tuesday- Strict Press, Classic CF 18 minute AMRAP

Wednesday- Clean and Jerk, TnG Power Cleans/Box Jumps

Thursday- Bench Press, Farmer Carry, Long Partner Workout

Friday- Front Squat, Classic CF Triplet

Saturday- Overhead Squat, Snatch Complex