Check out the strength and skills for next weeks classes everyone. This week we focus on the front squat and push jerk with the addition of some lovely ‘SUCESSory’ movments on Thursday. These moves are designed to build structure, strength and stability whilst adding a bit of variety to the mix too.

On Monday we take on ‘605 Gone Bad’ our take on the classic CrossFit workout ‘Fight Gone Bad’ which is always good fun. Check out the old school video below to get a taste of it. Time to get after it people.

Monday- Front Squat, 605 Gone Bad

Tuesday- Push Jerk

Wednesday- Clean and Jerk Complex, Clean and Jerk EMOM

Thursday- Romanian Deadlift, Split Squat, Long Partner Workout

Friday- Gymnastic Skills, Classic CF Couplet

Saturday- Snatch, Snatch Grip Deadlift