Check out the strength and skill moves for next week everyone.

This week we’ll be building on all the squatting work we have been doing as well as taking on one of our favorite Benchmark ‘Girls’, Helen on Tuesday. 

Remember this Friday evening a load of us will be heading over to CrossFit Fort Ashton to support them in their fantastic ‘Reps for Remembrance’ charity event. If you fancy doing a shed load of burpees for a great cause why not come along an join the fun. 

Monday: Front Squat, Long Partner AMRAP

Tuesday: Single Leg Superset, Benchmark Girl ‘Helen’,

Wednesday: Power Clean Complex, Clean EMOM, DB Bent Over Row

Thursday: Upper Body Gymnastic Superset

Friday: Push Jerk

Saturday Barbell Club: Power Snatch Complex, High Rep OHS and Banded Good Mornings