TEAM 605- 050818

Warm Up

4 Rounds- Increasing pace per round

1 Minute Bike
1 Minute Ski/Row
200m Run

As a Pair- Build to a heavy overall total of:

15 Minutes to Build to a Max Overhead Squat

15 Minutes to Build to a Max Clean


1- 2-4 Wall Walks
2- 10-14 Pistol Squat
3- 6-10 Toes to Bar

In Pairs- In 7 Minutes complete:

80 Calorie Assault Bike
50 Box Jump Overs
30 GTOH @50/35

Rest 5-7 Minutes and repeat- in rest period Walk 400m

*Aim is to hit the same score across each 7 minutes.

**If people need to complete the SiD Q2 workout they can do that instead.