Check out the strength and skill moves for next week everyone. 

Remember, this Saturday (28th) see’s another ‘bring a friend’ day at 605. If you have a friend or family member who might fancy popping in and smashing a workout as well as see what all the fuss is about simply EMAIL US HERE and drop us their details.  

Do you love a Sunday Cycle??If you do, why not join us next Sunday morning for the inaugural 605/Opex Bristol Cycle Club Sunday Sojourn. Simply don your lycra, pack your glucose gel and meet at 605 at 8am. See you all there. 

Monday: Back Squat

Tuesday: Deadlift, Partner Workout

Wednesday: Snatch Balance, Snatch, DB RDL

Thursday: Cluster (Clean into Thruster),

Friday: Push/Pull/Core Superset

Saturday Barbell Club: Clean Complex, Clean Pull

Team 605: Hang Clean Complex, Inferno Racing Cardiff 2018 Partner Workouts