605 KNOWLEDGE SERIES- How to improve your Metcon scores (Part 2)

In last week’s article we looked at the importance of building strong fitness foundations by improving your aerobic base to improve your met-con scores.

This week, Paul looks at the subject of movement efficiency and why good movement, coupled with a good aerobic base will allow you to maintain your fitness in the long term as well as keep you injury free.

You have probably heard me say the following statement numerous times (yawn) in the gym:

“I don’t care how much weight you put on the bar or how fast your workout time was, all I care about is how well you moved whilst completing the task” (Smith- 2013-2018)

At CrossFit 605, we are in the business of teaching you how to move well, how to move efficiently under fatigue and give you the tools to stay fit and healthy and injury free over the long term.

We understand that the broad nature of functional fitness means that there might seem to be too many movements to master. As someone new to the CrossFit this can seem overwhelming at first. However, if you take time to master the basics (Squat, Press, Deadlift, Press Up, Pull Up) in isolation then you will have a great foundation from which to add more complex movements to your arsenal as well as intensity.

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It is safe to say that all high-level athletes across all sports move well. They have taken the time to master the simple and mundane to be able to layer on the complexity without fear of injury. Developing good movement patterns is essential for life, not just fitness or sport. Taking the time to develop good movement will allow you to stay healthier and fitter for longer.

I understand the urge we all have to jump in and try new skills or ramp up the intensity every once in a while. We all want to see progress especially when it comes to fitness but sometimes you must go back to go forward.

For example, when it comes to gymnastic skills, developing your strict pulling and pressing strength using a variety of tools and movement planes in isolation will form the base from which you can add more dynamic movements such as the kipping pull up or muscle up.

Mastering each progression before moving to the next will also help you keeping moving forward. Regularly working on your joint mobility and stability is also key to ensuring movement quality and efficiency.

Making sure rep after rep is as good as possible is essential. Training poor movement patterns under fatigue along with the stress of “high-intensity” workouts time after time, will take a long time to undo and will inevitably lead to injury.

Adding good movement patterns with a well developed aerobic base is the key to improving your met-con scores. This combination of aerobic capacity and efficiency of movement will allow you to keep moving for longer and, see the progress we all desire.

The best movers always win. Move better to ensure you stay fitter and stronger for longer.

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