3 Top Tips to Improve your Snatch and Clean and Jerk

  Recently the 605 coaching team ran our first dedicated weightlifting seminar, focusing on the Snatch and Clean and Jerk.  Here are our 3 top tips to help you improve your weightlifting.   Here are some of the key takeaways we, as a coaching team, took from the seminar. Develop Weightlifting specific mobility/stability Weightlifting requires a Read more about 3 Top Tips to Improve your Snatch and Clean and Jerk[…]

MONDAY 010517

Strength and Skill HSPU & Pistol Workshop Conditioning EMOM 30 1 – 15-20 KB Swings 32/24 2 – 5-12 HSPU 3 – Max Cal Row 4 – 30-50 DU’s 5 – 10-16 Pistols (alt) 6 – Rest

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  Check out this week’s Strength and Skills everyone. Monday- Pistol Workshop-Aerobic Conditioning Day Tuesday- Back Squat Wednesday- Power Snatch+Hang Power Snatch Complex Thursday- Upper Body EMOM Friday- Toe’s to Bar Workshop Saturday Weightlifting- Power Clean Complex

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605 Barbell Club

Check out whats in store for this Saturday’s 605 Barbell Club.  Hang Power Snatch+Hang Snatch, Build to a decent complex in 20 Mins Then- Snatch Grip Deadlift- 3 Reps, 5 sets@110% of Max Snatch- Or with good form

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FRIDAY 280417

Strength and Skill Weighted Pull Up 5-5-3-3-3 ss Weighted Press Up 8-8-8-8-8 Conditioning Partner Workout For time: 42-30-18 Thruster 40/30 Burpee Box Jump 24/20  

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Strength and Skill Hang Power Clean In 15mins build to a decent triple Push Jerk 15 Mins Build to a decent triple. EMOM 8- 2 HPC+2 PJ for tech work No Conditioning  

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MONDAY 240417

Strength and Skill Turkish Get Up In 15mins build to a heavy 3 on each arm Conditioning EMOM 30 1 – Max Cal AB 2 – Rest 3 – Max Cal Row 4 – Rest 5 – 200m Run 6 – Rest  

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