Strength/Skill Front Squat 15 min to Build to a Heavy Triple Conditioning AMRAP 6 min 10 Power Clean (60kg) 10 Bar Burpees Rest 4min Amrap 6min 10 T2B 16 DB Power Snatch 20/15kg  

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MONDAY 300117

Strength/Skill HSPU Workshop EMOM 10 min Odd- 4-8 HSPU Even- 20 DU Unbroken   Conditioning 5 rounds 10 Thrusters 45/30kg 10 Pull Ups Rest 1 min

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  Check out this week’s Strength and Skills everyone. With the Reebok CrossFit Games Open only a few weeks away things are starting to ramp up intensity wise. Look out for some spicy movement combinations this week to get you ready and raring for the Open. If you haven’t yet signed up to Team 605, Read more about STRENGTH AND SKILLS FOR NEXT WEEK[…]


Strength/Skill Hang Clean Heavy Triple then: EMOM 6 min 4-6 Hang Power Clean 70/50kg Conditioning AMRAP  6 min 5 STOH 60/40kg 10 Front Rack Lunges 20 Double Unders Rest 3min AMRAP 6min 10 T2B 10 Burpees

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Strength/Skill Rowing Technique Session Conditioning Row Intervals In pairs or groups of 3 2x1000m each 4x500m each 6x250m each *Optional Cool down: Mobility session Coach’s choice

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MONDAY 230117

Strength/Skill Overhead Squat Build to a comfortable triple with good form   Conditioning AMRAP 3 min 10 Hang Power Snatch 45/30kg 20 Air Squats Rest 2 min AMRAP 3 min 10 Thrusters 45/30kg 5 Burpee over Bar Rest 2 min AMRAP 3 min 10 GTOH 10 Front Rack Lunges

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